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The Authentication Revolution

​YubiOn Solution


YubiOn Portal (Cloud Version)

You can log on / login with two-factor authentication using Yubico's YubiKey. Administrators can manage users through the Web management site. There are various Yubi Keys. The majority of customers use the YubiKey 5 NFC.
standard annual usage fee: US $ 60 per account (YubiKey is not included).

YubiOn WindowsLogOn Standalone

It can be used in a closed network environment. You can install and use the application on your PC.
standard set price with YubiKey: US $ 220
 (Including one YubikeKey 5 NFC)
We recommend purchasing a spare YubiKeys in case you lose it.

* Software Giken will rewrite the YubiKey to a YubiOn dedicated OTP and provide it.

Authentication solution

In order to meet the increasing security requirements for remote work, telework, My Number support, PCI DSS support, etc., authentication in various situations such as machine logon, VPN and cloud service authentication is essential. We are currently deploying a two-factor authentication solution using YubiKey when logging on to a Windows PC.


YubiOn Windows Logon is a solution that allows you to easily introduce two-factor authentication for Windows PC, which is necessary for security of take-out PC. The administrator can perform integrated management by simply setting up the client software.

Smart card authentication

You can leverage YubiKey's PIV feature to deploy smart card authentication in your existing Active Directory environment. This enables strong certificate-based two-factor authentication.

Single sign-on


By linking with ISR's single sign-on service "CloudGate UNO" that supports two-step authentication with YubiKey, you can centrally manage cloud authentication from a PC with a single key.

CloudGate UNO is a service provided by International System Research Co., Ltd.




Introducing how to use YubiKey


YubiKey is a USB device developed by Yubico that promotes FIDO authentication. It is an authentication tool that protects access to countless applications with a single key. It works on Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux and major browsers without installing drivers or client software.

Soft Giken is an authorized distributor of YubiKey.

Initiatives for FIDO

I am a sponsor member of the FIDO Alliance, a standardization organization that aims to standardize new online authentication technologies that use FIDO-compatible devices and biometrics .

Safe, secure and comfortable authentication solution "YubiOn"

You can download the catalog.

■"Yubi On FIDO2 Server Service" Catalog

It is a FIDO2 certified server service that is state-of-the-art certification. Web apps such as PC and smartphone can use biometric authentication and security devices such as YubiKey.
■"YubiOn WindowsLogOn Portal" Catalog

Not only two-factor authentication, but also unified user management from the management site is realized. Support when YubiKey is lost. PC terminal can be locked in case of theft. You can also log in when you are offline.
■"YubiOn Windows LogOn Standalone" Catalog

Not to mention two-factor authentication, no authentication server is required. No network environment required. Most suitable for important information management PC such as my number.
■"YubiOn Certification Service" Catalog
OTP authentication server service by YubiKey. A server service that realizes two-factor authentication.

■"Yubi Key" Catalog

Introducing the features and product lineup of YubiKey. One device supports various functions.

■ "Idem card" Catalog

Logon to FIDO U2F using BLE and Windows using FIDO2 is possible.
Card type authenticator.

↓ Download here ↓

Safe, secure and comfortable authentication solution "YubiOn" case study

You can download the catalog.

Hokkaido Kensetsu Shimbun Inc. Strengthens the authentication security of membership sites with "physical devices"

In order to strengthen the authentication security of the website "e-kensin" for members, the Hokkaido Construction Newspaper has introduced an authentication service using a USB device to strengthen the security.

↓ Download here ↓


Introducing a video about how to use "YubiKey".


Meet the YubiKey!

Introductory video about various uses such as YubiKey developers, business, personal use.


Keep Your Facebook Account Safe with YubiKey!

Protect your Facebook account with YubiKey.


Hak 5 on Two-Factor Authentication, FIDO U2F, and Google Two Step Verification

: An introduction video on how to set up two-step verification for Google accounts using FIDO U2F.


The Yubico Entrepreneur Journey

: Yubico founder and CEO Stina Ehrensvard's entrepreneurial story video. How was YubiKey born?

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