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YubiOn Portal SSO

(Single Sign-On)

Combine multiple service logins into one and protect your information assets with two-factor authentication and centralized management


YubiOn Portal SSO Overview

YubiOn Portal has an optional single sign-on function that allows users to use each service by simply logging into YubiOn Portal once. In addition, along with the main function of two-factor authentication of PCs, it enables centralized management of company accounts, services, and the authentication device YubiKey.


Single Sign-On

It is possible to combine logins to multiple services into YubiOn Portal.


Two-factor authentication using passwords and the YubiKey authentication device enhances security.

Centralized Management

​It is possible to centralize management of services, users, and authentication device YubiKey.

Log Management

It is possible to check login history information for each service using SSO.

Benefits of Introduction

Before introduction

General operations

  • ​Tough to remember ID / password for each service.

  • ​Tired of looking for bookmarks for each service.

Administrative operations

  • Need to identify how to manage each service.

  • When an employee leaves the company, the account must be deactivated for all services used.

  • Each service needs to be set up when employees are transferred.


  • Different services use different authentication methods.

  • ​Using the same password for all services increases the risk of password compromise.

After introduction

General operations

  • Only login information to YubiOn Portal is to be remembered.

  • Access to all services from within the YubiOn Portal site.

Administrative operations

  • ​Centralized management is available through YubiOn Portal.

  • When an employee leaves the company, simply change the settings on the YubiOn Portal side.

  • When changing services due to employee transfers, simply change the group to which the employee belongs to update the services used.


  • Authentication method can be unified with YubiOn Portal.

  • YubiOn Portal enforces two-factor authentication using a password and authentication device, reducing the risk of unauthorized access even if the password is leaked.


YubiOn Portal SSO is available for free trial.

Authentication devices that can be used with YubiOn Portal are "YubiKey 5 series or later" with Yubico OTP function. YubiKey is avairable from Amazon.

* For bulk purchases or quotation requests, please contact us through the Contact Us page.

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