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YubiOn PC Locker


Security solution against prying eyes


Screen lock without authentication device

Recommended for the following

I want to lock the screen when I leave my seat.

I want to keep the authentication I currently use, but only want a screen lock function.

Product Overview

YubiOn PC Locker provides a function to lock the screen if the YubiKey authentication device is not inserted in the PC terminal. The management server can also control the screen lock of each PC terminal and view the operation log of each PC terminal.



Screen lock function

If the authentication device YubiKey is not inserted in the PC terminal, the screen lock is automatically applied. This is effective against prying eyes and allows you to leave your seat with peace of mind.

Management function

The management server makes it easy to edit information on each PC terminal, control screen locks, and view PC terminal operation logs.

Does not affect existing authentication systems

YubiOn PC Locker does not provide an authentication function, so its installation will not affect existing authentication systems.

On-premise environment support

Deploying YubiOn PC Locker in a network closed area environment allows management on the local network.

Case Study

Please click the link below to read about YubiOn PC Locker case studies in blog format.

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Supported OS

Windows 10 *

Windows 11 *

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2022

* Support for detailed versions of Windows 10 and 11 will follow the Microsoft support lifecycle.

Supported Authentication Devices

YubiKey 5 series or later


Please apply together with the software to set it up for use with YubiOn PC Locker.

* Security Key series is not supported.

If you are interested in YubiOn PC Locker, please contact us from below.

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