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YubiOn Portal

(Cloud Service)

YubiOn Portal provides security services through the cloud.

Provides enhanced security through two-factor authentication, single sign-on, and centralized management.





March 16, 2022  Single sign-on (SSO) functionality has been added to YubiOn Portal.

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June 16, 2021 Mac support started "YubiOn Portal" Two-factor authentication function.

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Two-factor authentication of "password + YubiKey" is realized simply by installing the software on the Windows terminal. It can be used immediately without building an authentication server in-house, and supports integrated management and log collection by the administrator.



Cloud-based centralized management

Administrators can centrally manage and control user and PC information from a Web browser. You can operate with the push of a button, such as batch registration of users, confirmation of operation status, and control of the PC in an emergency.

Manage PC operation log

You can view and download the usage status and location information of each PC from a Web browser in real time. The log information of each PC is aggregated in the cloud, and the log function that the administrator wants to see can be viewed instantly by the search function.

Remote lock function

When the PC is lost, you can prohibit the logon of the PC from the management screen. Controlling logon prevents unauthorized access.

Covers a wide range of OS


The latest Windows 11 to Windows server products are also supported.
From June 2021, we started to support macOS (Catalina or later).


Easy operation and strong authentication


Enhance authentication with a simple operation of inserting it into USB and touching it. The multifunctional authentication device "YubiKey" developed by Yubico is used for Windows / Mac login.

Can be introduced in AD environment

It can be installed without changing AD even in the environment where Active Directory is used. By applying the setting that forces YubiKey from the management screen, you can realize the two-factor authentication of "password + YubiKey" at logon.

Use Case

Using a PC outside the company


It is possible to manage even if the PC is lost or stolen during a business trip. The administrator can grasp the location information from the management website and prohibit logon when the PC is lost. Even if your PC is stolen, it can be automatically locked after a certain number of authentication failures.

Sharing a single PC


You can use YubiOn even if you share one PC with multiple people. By pulling out the YubiKey when you leave your desk, the login screen automatically appears then the PC is locked and protected.

In case of Remote Access


By setting the function to force the use of YubiKey at logon, you can log on securely with multi-factor authentication even during Remote Access.
It can also be used to connect to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Function comparison table

Adopted YubiKey with a proven track record

Available YubiKeys

  • YubiKey 5 Series or later.
    (With OTP function)


YubiKey is avairable from Amazon.

* For bulk purchases or quotation requests, please contact us through the Contact Us page.

This service is available for a variety of services in addition to ours.


Case Study

Please click the link below to read about YubiOn Portal case studies in blog format.

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All you have to do is register with the YubiOn portal and download the software.

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