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Blog article

Started providing MFA login service "YubiOn for Salesforce" on Salesforce AppExchange

August 1, 2022 Dear Members of the Press,

Soft Giken Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Norio Fujita, established in 1983) started offering “YubiOn for Salesforce” on Salesforce AppExchange from August 1, 2022.

"YubiOn for Salesforce" enables MFA (multi-factor authentication) login to the Salesforce platform.

What is YubiOn for Salesforce?

"YubiOn for Salesforce" is a multi-factor authentication login service that meets the MFA requirements of the Salesforce platform. We will strengthen the authentication of the Salesforce platform with MFA using the conventional [ID + password] and the one-time password [Yubico OTP] by the authentication device YubiKey, and protect the customer's important information assets.

In addition, as an important feature of this package function, it also has an integrated management function that allows easy management such as registration, editing, deletion of YubiKeys and assignment with users. With the integrated management function, it is possible to respond quickly even when an incident occurs, so business can proceed smoothly while ensuring security.

■ Features of YubiOn for Salesforce

・Realization of authentication by Yubico OTP   1. Provide MFA with Yubico OTP (one-time password) using a custom login flow.   2. MFA in this package uses Yubico's YubiCloud as the authentication server, so there is no need to build a separate authentication server.   3. Because the Yubico OTP function set in Slot 1 is used when the YubiKey is purchased,     there is no need to set up the YubiKey itself. You can use the purchased YubiKey     immediately.

  4. Since the Yubico OTP is recognized as a keyboard device from the PC terminal, it is     effectiveffective when FIDO security key communication is not possible due to USB     restrictions or remote connections.

YubiKey management application available

 Users with administrative privileges can use the following functions.   1. Ability to manage YubiKeys for Yubico OTP authentication

YubiKey information can be registered, edited (renamed for easier identification), and deleted.   2. Ability to assign YubiKeys for authentication to users

    You can assign or remove users and YubiKeys.

Points to choose YubiOn for Salesforce

 It is ideal for those who find it difficult to support MFA due to the following reasons, or those who want convenience in terms of management. If it is difficult to support MFA for the following reasons   1. When personal or company-issued terminals (smartphones) cannot be used.

  2. If you want to avoid introducing SSO.

  3. When FIDO2/U2F communication is not possible due to USB restrictions or remote connection.

  4. If you want to reduce the operation management cost of FIDO2 authentication devices.     (Example) PIN resetting, authentication device initialization support, etc.

For convenience in management

  1. When you want to assign multiple authentication devices to one user. (for backup)

  2. If you also want to manage the authentication device itself.

  3. When you want to easily understand the assignment status of users and authentication     devices.


・Paid license: 3,600 yen (1 user/year)

About trial

・You can use it for 30 days after installing the package.

・You will not be charged automatically after the trial period ends.  Please apply for a paid license during the trial period.

Other notes

・It will be sold as a set with 10 users as one set.

・There are no "initial costs" or "support costs".

・Your contract is an annual contract. No refunds will be given for cancellation during the contract period.

・A separate purchase is required for the YubiKey used for MFA.

・Please contact us for customers with more than 100 people.

*Currently, it is offered only in Japan.



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