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​YubiOn MacLogin Standalone

 (standalone version)

When logging on to your Windows device
A solution that provides two-factor authentication with YubiKey


Block unauthorized login

 Only users with YubiKey can log in to their Mac device.

 Prevents unauthorized access by third parties.


Just install the package software


Server-free purchase type Simple configuration and powerful security measures

Easy setting operation


Register the YubiKey you use using the configuration tool.
The required settings are very easy and quick.

Password + YubiKey


Secure security measures with a simple touch

Easy-to-manage physical device


Manage your device as you manage your keys.
You can make security visible.

​Authentication mechanism

Mac login 説明.png

User operation
Connect YubiKey to your Mac and enter your password on the login screen to log in as usual.

- Is the connected YubiKey information correct?
- YubiKey Is assigned to the user?
- Is the password correct?
Check each and authenticate.


You will need your registered YubiKey to log in.
​This prevents unauthorized login by a third party who does not have YubiKey.

Easy setting with the setting tool

If you install YubiOn MacLogin, you can use the setting tool for setting.
You can register YubiKey and switch functions with the setting tool.


Main functions

YubiKey enforcement function
Require YubiKey to log on to Windows.
Automatic lock function
The screen is locked automatically when you pull out the YubiKey.
Master key setting
You can specify a master YubiKey that can log on with any account.

​Function items

Feature Description

Ideal for such times


For small-scale introduction
Can be installed immediately from one unit. Ideal for pinpoint security measures.


Without taking time

All you need to do is install the software and make the initial settings. It can be installed in a short time with simple settings.


In a closed environment
Since it is a stand-alone type, it can be used even in an environment where the network is not connected .

Implementation steps

Get license file


Please contact us to order the number of YubiKeys you want to use.

We will send you a license file according to the number of units you ordered.

Install YubiOn client software


Download the YubiOn client software and install it on your device.

* When sending the license file, we will guide you to the download page.

Please read the license file when starting the setting tool.

Account and YubiKey assignment in the configuration tool


Start the setting tool and assign the account and YubiKey.

Once the assignment is complete, turn on YubiOn's two-factor authentication setting.

Setup complete


This completes the setup.

The next time you log on to the terminal, use YubiKey to log on.

Use Case

Click on the link below to read about a case study of YubiOn MacLogin Standalone in blog format.

No posts published in this language yet
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.

Supported OS

 macOS Big Sur (ver.11)

   macOS Monterey (ver.12)

   macOS Ventura (ver.13)

   macOS Sonoma (ver.14)

​  * Compatible with Intel processors and Apple silicon-based machines.


 4GB or more


​  100MB or more free space

Please contact us when considering the stand-alone version.

Operating Environment

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