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Blog article

"YubiOn Portal SSO" Service Launched with Improved Convenience through SSO Support

March 17, 2022

Dear Members of the Press

SSO functionality has been newly added to "YubiOn Portal," a two-factor authentication service developed and provided by Soft Giken Co., Ltd (President: Norio Fujita, established in 1983).

The service was launched as "YubiOn Portal SSO" on March 17, 2022.

Remote work is spreading rapidly as part of the work style reform in the corona wreck. Among them, an increasing number of companies are beginning to consider the introduction of IDaaS (cloud-type ID management and integrated authentication service) for external linkage of cloud services and internal systems. "YubiOn Portal SSO" was born as a service to meet such demands.

By using the function of the "YubiOn Portal SSO" service, you can use each service without authentication by simply logging in to "YubiOn Portal" once, which improves convenience. In addition, when logging in to "YubiOn Portal", two-factor authentication with a password and authentication device YubiKey is enforced, so security can be strengthened. Accounts for internal use, services used, and YubiKeys can also be managed in an integrated manner, leading to a reduction in management costs.

[Benefits of introducing YubiOn Portal SSO]

By using the SSO function of "YubiOn Portal", you can obtain the following benefits.


<Before introduction>

・Authentication methods differ for each service

・Reusing the same password for each service increases the risk of password leaks.

<After introduction>

・It is possible to unify the authentication method with “YubiOn Portal”

・"YubiOn Portal" enforces two-factor authentication with a password and an authentication device, so even if the password is leaked, it is possible to reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

Management work

<Before introduction>

・It is necessary to check the management method for each service

・When an employee leaves or is transferred, it is necessary to suspend the account or change the settings for all services.

<After introduction>

・ Centralized management is possible with “YubiOn Portal”

・When an employee resigns or is transferred, it is possible to respond simply by changing the settings on the “YubiOn Portal” side.

■ General business

<Before introduction>

・It takes time and effort to manage IDs, passwords, bookmarks, etc. for logging in to each service.

<After introduction>

・Since all services can be accessed from "YubiOn Portal", only the login information for "YubiOn Portal" is managed.

[Features of YubiOn Portal SSO]

1. Improved convenience

Users do not need to remember IDs and passwords for each service, and can access multiple services simply by logging into "YubiOn Portal". For two-factor authentication, you can simply touch the YubiKey for easy operation without compromising convenience.

2. Security

"YubiOn Portal" can force users to perform two-factor authentication using the authentication device YubiKey, which can reduce security risks due to password leaks.

3. Integrated management

Users, YubiKeys, PCs, applications to be used, etc. can be managed in an integrated manner on the "YubiOn Portal" side. Also, by dividing users into groups, it is possible to set applications to be accessed all at once.

4. Compatible apps

"YubiOn Portal SSO" supports applications using SAML 2.0. There are multiple templates on the site, but you can also register applications that are not in the templates.

5. Reduce costs

It is possible to reduce management costs by centrally managing the management of each application with "YubiOn Portal". In addition, since users can reset their own passwords with this service, the cost of password reset work can be reduced.

6. computer security

The standard function of "YubiOn Portal" enhances security by enabling two-factor authentication for the PC logon part. It is also possible to remotely control the PC when an incident occurs.

[Remarkable points compared to similar services]

By introducing the SSO function of "YubiOn Portal", it is possible to cover everything from PC logon to security at the entrance to each service with a single YubiKey.

【Future plans】

In the future, we plan to expand the following services.

・OpenID Connect compatible

・VPN compatible

・FIDO authentication

【Operating environment】

〇 Operation confirmed browser

・Google Chrome

・Microsoft Edge

・Mozilla Firefox

〇Usable YubiKeys

・YubiKey 5 series or later

[Service page]

【Offer price】

・From 220 yen per month (tax included) / SSO function / 1 account (for monthly payment)

"YubiOn Portal SSO"

・ YubiOn Portal function + SSO price: From 770 yen (tax included)

Please contact us for details.



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