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Blog article

Implement 2-factor Authentication for Gmail and PCs by introducing Google Workspace & YubiOn Portal

We have received a consultation from a local government regarding problems with receiving emails while away from home and security issues with computers taken out of the office. YubiOn proposed a solution to these problems by implementing Google Workspace, endpoint security YubiOn Portal, and arranging authentication device YubiKey, which helped them solve the problems. This time, I will introduce the specific content.

Introduced Organization

Email reception and PC terminal security issues

  • Email reception problem in the external environment This local government works within a closed network and was set to receive emails only within this closed network. There is no problem with internal work, but it was inconvenient because they couldn't receive emails from outside due to overseas business trips.

  • Security issues with take-out PC terminals They usually work in a closed network, and it was difficult to break in from the outside, so they used only IDs and passwords for PC terminals. However, when the PC terminal is taken out, the login of the PC terminal is still password authentication only, and it was insufficient as a security measure when working outside.

Google WorkspaceとYubiOn Portal導入での課題解決
Solving issues with Google Workspace and YubiOn Portal implementation

  • Introduce Google Workspace By introducing Google Workspace and transferring emails from the mail system used in the closed environment to Gmail, they set it up so that they can receive emails from outside. In addition, the introduction of Google Workspace has resulted in the following effects: Google Workspace security

    • Secure communication with SSL/TLS

    • Google account two-factor authentication (*1) → Enhanced security with two-factor authentication using a Google account password and authentication device YubiKey (FIDO U2F).

    • Shorter login duration → Set to perform two-factor authentication frequently

(*1) Two-factor authentication An authentication that combines two different factors out of the three factors of authentication: "knowledge information (password or PIN)", "possession information (authentication device, etc.)" and "biometric information (fingerprint, etc.)".

  • Introduce YubiOn Portal By introducing the YubiOn Portal to the PC terminal taken out, two-factor authentication of the PC terminal by the authentication device YubiKey has become possible. In addition, the following effects could be obtained by the introduction. Security with YubiOn Portal

    • Two-factor authentication (OTP) with YubiKey when logging in to PC

    • Integrated management with the web management console

    • Remote control of PCs when the incident occurs

    • Collect authentication logs

  • Adopt YubiKey By adopting the multi-protocol YubiKey 5 series, they were able to cover everything from PCs to services with a single YubiKey. For authentication, is easy to operate by simply inserting the YubiKey into the USB port and touching it, which has been highly praised by end users. In addition, since we are an authorized domestic reseller of Yubico, we were able to provide one-stop service from installing software to procuring hardware.


The services, products, and authentication device information introduced this time are summarized below. Please feel free to contact us if you have a request.

  • Introduce Google Workspace We are a reseller of Google Workspace. Please use the contact page to inquire about implementation.

  • Introduce YubiOn Portal YubiOn Porta is a cloud service that provides two-factor authentication using the authentication device YubiKey for PC login. There are also convenient functions such as integrated management functions and remote control functions on the Web management console. You can use the paid functions after starting the trial, so please try it once. Please check the product information page for details.

  • YubiKey sales You can buy from our YubiKey shop or Amazon. (When using with YubiOn Portal, please buy YubiKey 5 series or later.)

※ For bulk purchases and quotation requests please contact us from the inquiry page.


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