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Blog article

Enhanced Security for Windows and macOS PCs with Two-factor Authentication

We received a consultation from a design production company about strengthening the security of Windows and macOS PCs used for business. YubiOn solved this problem by proposing the introduction of the endpoint security product YubiOn Portal and the use of the authentication device YubiKey. This time, we will introduce the specific contents.

Introduced Organization
  • Design production company Deployment scale:

    • Introduction of YubiOn Portal Introduced two-factor authentication using YubiOn Portal to more than a dozen Windows and macOS (M1 chip compatible) terminals used for business. 【OS】 Windows10 macOS Monterey M1 chip

    • Adoption of authentication device YubiKey Arrange a YubiKey for each user (Using USB Type-A and USB Type-C YubiKey)

PC security issues

  • Enhanced security for PCs Log in to PCs used for mission-critical work and design production requires only a password, and it was necessary to strengthen PC authentication to protect confidential information. The company is using both Windows and macOS PCs and was looking for a product that can handle both OSs. Regarding macOS terminals, it was necessary to support the "M1 chip" due to the timing of hardware changes. This time, the challenge is strengthening the authentication of Windows and M1-compatible macOS terminals used for business.

YubiOn Portal導入でPC端末の2要素認証化が可能
Resolving issues by introducing YubiOn Portal

  • Introduction of YubiOn Portal By introducing YubiOn Portal, which can strengthen security with two-factor authentication (*1) using the authentication device YubiKey for PC login, two-factor authentication for Windows and macOS terminals has been realized. YubiOn Portal covers everything from Windows client OS to server OS, and for macOS, it supports both Intel chips and M1 chips. So we were able to meet this time requirement. In addition, by introducing YubiOn Portal they were able to obtain the following effects.

(*1) Two-factor authentication

An authentication that combines two different factors out of the three factors of authentication: "knowledge information (password or PIN)", "possession information (authentication device, etc.)" and "biometric information (fingerprint, etc.)".

Security with YubiOn Portal

  • Two-factor authentication for PCs Windows: Authentication with Windows password + YubiKey (one-time password) → For authentication, after entering the password, insert the YubiKey into the USB port  and touch it. macOS: Authentication with macOS password + YubiKey (challenge-response) → For authentication, insert the YubiKey into the USB port  and enter your password. ※ Two-factor authentication by password (knowledge) and YubiKey (possession).

  • Using the screen lock feature: By removing the YubiKey from the USB port, the screen will be locked, so you can rest assured even when you are away from your desk.

  • Integrated management with Web management console: Users, authentication devices, and PCs can be managed.

  • Remote control: When an incident occurs, it is possible to remotely prohibit login of PCs.

  • Collect authentication logs: PC authentication logs are aggregated in YubiOn Portal and can be checked at any time from the Web management console.

Customer feedback on the introduction The introduction to the Windows terminals was smooth, but the introduction to the macOS terminals was a little confusing. It took them some time to understand the differences in the installation flow for Windows devices and macOS devices, as well as differences in authentication methods. After starting the operation, we received feedback that the end-user authentication operation is easy and that the interface is easy for users to use. YubiOn is making improvements every day based on customer feedback. YubiOn Portal can be used as a trial to try paid functions, so please use it once and let us know your opinions and requests.

  • Adoption of authentication device YubiKey On YubiOn Portal, you can use YubiKeys (5 series or later) that support multiple protocols such as one-time passwords and challenge-response. Since we have multiple YubiKeys that match the shape of the USB, we were able to propose the most suitable YubiKey even when introducing it to multiple types of terminals like this time. In addition, since we are an authorized domestic reseller of Yubico, we were able to problem a one-stop service from installing software to procuring hardware.


The products and authentication device information introduced this time are summarized below. Please feel free to contact us if you have a request.

  • YubiOn Portal YubiOn Portal is a cloud service that provides two-factor authentication using the authentication device YubiKey for PC login. There are also convenient functions such as integrated management functions and remote control functions on the Web management console. You can use the paid functions after starting the trial, so please try it once. Please check the product information page for details.

  • YubiKey sales You can buy from our YubiKey shop or Amazon. (When using with YubiOn Portal, please buy YubiKey 5 series or later.)

※ For bulk purchases and quotation requests please contact us from the inquiry page.


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