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Is it available on Remote Desktop (RDP)?


Yes, it's also available on Remote Desktop.

Install Windows Logon Standalone on the PC (destination PC) to connect with Remote Desktop.


"Secure mode" must be set to on in the YubiOn WindowsLogon Standalone settings of the connected PC.

-"Secure mode" is off: Both password-only logon and password + YubiKey logon methods can be used.

-"Secure mode" is on: Only the password + YubiKey logon method can be used.


If you connect with the remote desktop when "Secure Mode" is off, the password logon of the remote desktop itself is prioritized, so the YubiOn WindowsLogon Standalone screen is not displayed and the logon is successful. Please check with "Secure Mode" turned on once.

※please note

Before turning on "Secure Mode", please operate the PC directly to confirm that the logon using YubiKey is successful.

If you turn on "Secure Mode" with insufficient settings, you may not be able to log on.

​About operation when connecting to remote desktop

When "Secure Mode" is on, when you connect to the target PC using a normal ID and password on the remote desktop, the logon screen of YubiOn WindowsLogon Standalone is displayed in the window after connection. Therefore, enter the password and OTP again to log on.


1. Start connection with Remote Desktop Connection


3. The YubiOn WindowsLogon Standalone logon screen is displayed in the connected window.

2. When connecting​ Enter password

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