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Mac support started "YubiOn Portal" 2-factor authentication function enhancement

June 16, 2021

Soft Giken Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Norio Fujita Established in 1983) has developed Mac support for the YubiOn security authentication service "YubiOn Portal" that has already been provided, and anyone can easily realize two-factor authentication "YubiOn Portal". The cloud service will be available from June 16, 2021.

Currently, due to frequent cyber attacks, information leakage accidents, and recent promotion of remote work, safety and security in Zero Trust is required in every place and every environment. Two-factor authentication can be realized inexpensively and easily by using YubiKey, which is an authentication device owned by the user, for the purpose of reducing the risk of passwords and improving convenience. The two-factor authentication solution "YubiOn Portal" using the password and authentication device YubiKey that is remembered is already available for Windows, but this time we will realize the strengthening of two-factor authentication by Mac.

In addition to the cloud version of the "YubiOn Portal", we also offer the "YubiOn Windows Logon Standalone" that can be used even in closed network areas that are not connected to the Internet. In the future we plan to expand even "YubiOn Mac Login stand-alone" which can be used even Mac.

Also, along with the "YubiOn FIDO Logon" cloud service that uses the FIDO certified FIDO2 authenticator, which was launched on May 12, we will strengthen two-factor authentication in a cyber attack prevention and remote work environment. Furthermore, we will contribute to the promotion of digital transformation.

1. What is the YubiOn Portal?

"YubiOn Portal" is a cloud solution that can strengthen the login of PC terminals to two-factor authentication using Yubico OTP / Challenge Response. The biggest feature is that users can strengthen the login authentication of PC terminals with two-factor authentication, and the administrator can manage and control it on the cloud.

"YubiOn Portal" does not require server construction and can be used immediately as a cloud service. In addition to online authentication, YubiOn portal authentication also supports offline authentication using cache, so you can use it even when you cannot connect to the network, such as when you are out. Administrators can monitor and control at any time from the web screen. 2. Features of YubiOn Portal 1) Can be managed and controlled with a web console  The administrator can check the status and authentication information of the

 registered terminal at any time from the Web console. Since you can check the

 authentication log on the Web, you can immediately grasp the situation even when

 an incident occurs. 2) Easily introduce strong two-factor authentication  With software installation and simple initial setup, you can upgrade your PC login to

 two-factor authentication. You can easily introduce strong security of two-factor

 authentication to your PC terminal.

Figure -1

3. Use Case 1) Use of the PC brought out from office

 Also available to PC terminal theft / loss of business trips. The administrator can

 grasp the location information from the management screen of the Web and

 prohibit login when the PC is lost. Even in the unlikely event theft, it can be

 automatically locked in the authentication failure of a certain number of times.

2) Used as a shared PC

 One PC can be used by multiple people. Also, when you leave your desk, you can

 pull out YubiKey to automatically lock the screen and protect your PC.

3) Available in remote access

 The function to force YubiKey at login allows you to log in securely with two-factor

 authentication even during remote access.

4. Product specifications

1) System configuration diagram

Figure - 2

2) Operating environment

 Memory : 1GB or more.

 Storage : 100MB or more free space.

 * M1 : will be supported in the future. 3) Supported OS  Client OS : macOS catalina or later. 4) Main functions (1) Two-factor authentication  Use two-factor authentication with a password and YubiKey to log in to your Mac

 device. (2) Screen lock function

 The screen will be locked when the YubiKey is removed.

(3) Mac login enforcement function

 It is a function to force login using YubiKey when logging in to Mac.

(4) Screen lock function

 The screen will be locked when the YubiKey is removed.

(5) Remote lockout function

 It is a function to remotely disable login (lockout) of the terminal on the Web console. (6) Authentication failure lockout function

 - Authentication failure lockout

  It is a function to lock out the terminal when logon fails a certain number of times.

 - Automatic cancellation setting

  It is a function that automatically releases the lockout after a certain period of time

  has passed after the automatic lockout.

(7) Group policy function

 It is a function that reflects various settings of the YubiOn portal for each grouped

 terminal. (8) Log management function

 It is a function that collects the logs of Pc terminals and browses them on the Web

 console. (9) Get location information

 It is a function that collects the location information of the terminal and displays it in

 the log.

(10) Collective registration function

 It is possible to collectively register users with a CSV file. (11) Version update

 It is a client software version upgrade function. (12) Large-scale deployment service (optional)

 This function allows batch registration, batch deletion, and automatic terminal setup

 of user, YubiKey, and Pc terminal related data. (13) Uninstall restriction function (optional)

 It is a function that restricts general users from uninstalling the software.

5. About charges

 From 6,000 yen per year / 1 account (in the case of annual payment)

 * YubiKey is handled by Soft Giken, so please contact us for details.

6. About the service page

 Please refer to the following page.

[About Soft Giken Co., Ltd.] Soft Giken has a track record of software development in the social system business such as disaster prevention information as an independent software house for 37 years since its establishment. Based on the philosophy of "Make every world better.", We provide public and social systems, cloud security and authentication services.

We provide "YubiOn Authentication Solution" that supports from computer two-factor authentication login to cloud authentication. The YubiOn authentication solution also supports FIDO-based multi-factor authentication. You can solve the problem of online authentication by eliminating the anxiety of the conventional ID / password login method and pursuing ease of use. With the YubiOn Authentication Solution, you can reduce the cost and effort of operating and managing your IT assets while enhancing security by enhancing FIDO authentication.

[Future plans] We are planning to release "YubiOn Mac Login Standalone" that can be used even in a closed network area that does not connect to the Internet.

[YubiOn FIDO2(R) Server] was officially certified by the FIDO Alliance on March 11, 2019.

We participate in the FIDO Alliance as a sponsor level member.

* "YubiOn" is a registered trademark of Soft Giken Co., Ltd.

[What is FIDO2?]

The latest specifications of the FIDO Alliance. FIDO2 allows users to easily authenticate online services in both desktop and mobile environments using the FIDO2 authenticator. The FIDO2 specification consists of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) WebAuthn (WebAuthn) specification and the corresponding Client-to-Authenticator Protocol (CTAP) of the FIDO Alliance.


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