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Blog article

Large-scale Introduction of PC Security Enhancement Product "YubiOn Portal"

A major human resources service company consulted us about strengthening PC machine login security. We introduced YubiOn Portal, an endpoint security product.

This company has about 10,000 accounts, so a large-scale introduction was necessary, and the key point was how to smoothly transition to operation.

This time, we will introduce an example of such a large-scale introduction of the YubiOn Portal, including specific methods.

Introduced Organization
  • Human resource service company

Deployment scale:

  • Introduction of YubiOn Portal

Introduced two-factor authentication by YubiOn Portal to PCs used by about 10,000 people.



  • Adoption of authentication device YubiKey

Arranged YubiKey 5 NFC for each user.


The customer had the following issues:

  • The existing PC security enhancement product became unavailable due to the end of service, so they were looking for an alternative PC security enhancement product.

  • The targets are PCs used by about 10,000 end users.

  • End users are not IT savvy, so all settings should be done by administrators and end users should not be allowed to operate as much as possible.

  • About 100 users change every month, so it is necessary to operate the system so that the registration and deletion of users and PCs can be done as easily as possible.

  • Settings such as user registration and YubiKey assignment

YubiOn Portal has multiple ways to register users and assign YubiKeys, but in this case, they used the "Batch kitting registration function".

This function is a function to register and assign in a bulk by collecting information such as users, YubiKeys, and PCs in a CSV file in advance.

By using this function, it is possible for the administrator to perform all the settings without requiring the end user to perform the registration operation.

In addition, changes and additions can be re-registered by editing the CSV file. And it is possible to delete information in a bulk using a CSV file, they were able to proceed smoothly even during the monthly replacement work.

Batch Kitting Registration Function
  • Installing YubiOn client software

In order to use YubiOn Portal, it is necessary to install YubiOn client software on the PCs used by the end users.

The distribution of the installer to existing users' PCs and to new PCs to be purchased in the future was carried out as follows:

  • Existing PCs

Using the software distribution feature of Active Directory, we configured each PC to automatically run the YubiOn client software installer.

This allows the end user to transparently install the YubiOn client software.

  • New PCs

The newly purchased PCs were set up by a kitting company, so we asked them to install the YubiOn Portal client software in the initial setting of the PC kitting.

  • Distribution of YubiKeys

The YubiKey has a serial number stamped on the back so that it can be identified externally. YubiKeys were distributed to each user based on the allocation setting data created in the CSV file.

  • Customer feedback on the introduction

In order to use the bulk kitting registration function, it is necessary to convert YubiKey and PC information into a CSV file in advance. Due to the large number of installations, they took time and proceeded carefully until the initial introduction. Once the flow of CSV file creation was fixed, it was smoothly incorporated into the work.

In addition, it is said that they were able to start the operation without any major problems, because end users did not have to perform complicated setting operations, and it was a simple operation of connecting the distributed YubiKey to a USB and touching it.


In this way, YubiOn Portal supports large-scale deployment.

When installing, our staff will provide installation support, so please consider installing it.

The products, and authentication device information introduced this time are summarized below. Please feel free to contact us if you have a request.

  • YubiOn Portal

YubiOn Portal is a cloud service that provides two-factor authentication using the authentication device YubiKey for PC login. There are also convenient functions such as integrated management functions and remote control functions on the Web management console. You can use the paid functions after starting the trial, so please try it once. Please check the product information page for details.

Also, for details on the installation procedure, please refer to the configuration guide here.

※ The "Batch kitting registration function" introduced this time is a paid plan function.

  • YubiKey sales

You can buy from our YubiKey shop or Amazon.

(When using with YubiOn Portal, please buy YubiKey 5 series or later.)

※ For bulk purchases and quotation requests please contact us from the contact page.



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