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Example of Strengthening Logon for PCs Used at Multiple Overseas Bases

We want to introduce a case study of a financial-related company that introduced YubiOn WindowsLogon Standalone.

This company has multiple bases in Japan and overseas and was looking for a product that could strengthen the logon security of the PCs used at each base.

They wanted a product that uses the authentication device YubiKey, but since it would need to be shipped from Japan to an overseas country, they were wondering if it would be possible to export it.


Introduced Organization
  • Financial companies

Deployment scale:

・Strengthen the security of PCs used in multiple locations in Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, India, Asian countries, etc.

・The number of PCs at each base is about 10 to 100.

Introduces products:

Enhance logon security for PCs used at multiple sites, including overseas.

・Authentication device YubiKey

Arrange a YubiKey for each user at each location

※ Arrange rewritten YubiKey so that it can be used with the above software.


As the customer is a financial company, They require a high level of security and requested two-factor authentication using an authentication device.

The customer's environment is promoting remote work, and it was assumed that the PC at the base would be remotely accessed from the PC at home. To apply two-factor authentication to the base PC, it was necessary to have a product that could be used during remote access.

They have multiple bases in Japan and overseas, and it was necessary to apply this to the PCs used at each base. In addition, they wanted a product that supports multiple languages and is easy to install and set up so that it can be used smoothly even at overseas bases.

Since it is necessary to export the authentication device overseas, there was also the issue of whether it could be shipped from Japan to each oversea base.


Since users are from different countries and have many bases, it is difficult to perform unified operations, so the settings should be as simple as possible so that each base can operate it. Therefore, they decided to introduce "YubiOn WindowsLogon Standalone" which operates standalone.

  • A simple, ready-to-use PC logon enhancement product

"YubiOn WindowsLogon Standalone" is a product that can be used with a simple setup, just by installing the software on the PC and assigning settings, and it operates standalone. Immediately after setting, you can securely log on to your PC with two-factor authentication using the authentication device YubiKey.

Since it works without problems even during remote access, it was a perfect match for the requirements we received this time. By setting up this product on the remote access target terminal, the logon screen will be displayed after remote access, so two-factor authentication can be required for logon.

Remote Access

  • English correspondence

Each logon product of our company supports English, so it can be used by overseas users.

  • Export of authentication devices at the time of introduction

"YubiOn WindowsLogon Standalone" is a set product of software and authentication device (YubiKey), so it is necessary to send the authentication device.

When exporting an authentication device overseas, a certificate of applicability※ is required, but we have prepared the certificate of applicability and have shipped "YubiOn WindowsLogon Standalone" and YubiKey to each customer's base.

※Documents that determine whether the goods to technology to be exported correspond to the goods or technologies listed in Appended Table 1 of the Expoert Trade Control Order or the Appended Table of the Foreign Exchange Order

In one country, there was also a problem in that the package was stopped at customs. As a result, it could not be sent and was decided that the customer in Japan would store it. Please note that depending on the country, confirmation and application may be required in advance.

As for other countries, there are some countries where it will arrive quickly and others where it will take some time to arrive. But, in the end, we completed shipping to all countries and bases, and they were able to use the product without any problems.

There were no major problems with the introduction of the software, and the operation was successfully started.


This was an example of YubiOn products being used overseas.

As in this example, it is also possible to ship products directly from our company to the customer's base, so if you are thinking about using it overseas, please contact us.

※ Some countries cannot be shipped, so please contact us for details.

  • YubiOn WindowsLogon Standalone

For product details, please refer to the product introduction page.

※ Since the YubiKey used with this software needs to be set, please purchase it together with the software.


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