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Blog article

Enhanced Security with YubiOn PC Locker

In a business system used by a certain government agency, there was a request to further strengthen security by incorporating a new external authenticator in addition to the existing authentication system. YubiOn has developed a Windows security monitoring product called "YubiOn PC Locker" and has responded to user requests, so we would like to introduce its contents.

Introduced Organization
  • Public institution

    • Installed into over 2000 machines (Windows 10) used for official business.

    • At the same time, the same number of YubiKey authentication devices are also used.

    • In addition, a third-party face recognition system has been introduced as the main authentication service.


The user already uses a biometric authentication service (manufactured by another company) as the main authentication system using facial recognition, and without affecting this authentication system, "I want to lock the OS when the external authenticator is removed".

At the same time, we were also required to have specifications that "when unlocking, there is no need to touch the external authenticator".

Therefore, the following two points became issues:

  • The screen will be locked when the external authenticator is removed.

  • Unlocking without touching the external authenticator (= no authentication).

  • Introduction of screen lock function by YubiOn PC Locker

A product called "YubiOn PC Locker" was born to meet the above requirements.

"YubiOn PC Locker" has a very simple behavior that does not lock when the authenticator YubiKey is plugged into the USB port, and immediately locks the screen when it is removed.

Therefore, for example, you can keep the YubiKey when using a PC, and remove it when leaving the desk to lock the screen, making it possible to prevent others from using or prying on your PC.

In this way, "YubiOn PC Locker" only provides the screen lock function, so you can use the main face authentication system as it is.

  • PC management by YubiOn PC Locker

"YubiOn PC Locker" also has a PC management function, and you can check the usage status and logs of PCs and YubiKeys in a list.


The products and authentication device information introduced this time are summarized below. Please feel free to contact us if you have a request.

  • YubiOn PC Locker

Please refer to the product page for information on using "YubiOn PC Locker".

※ "YubiOn PC Locker" does not have an authentication function due to its specifications, but if you want to use the authentication function when logging on to Windows or unlocking the screen lock, you can use our different service "YubiOn Portal" or "YubiOn FIDO Logon".

  • YubiKey sales

You can buy from our YubiKey shop or Amazon.

※ For bulk purchases and requests for quotations, please contact us from the contact page.


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