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In order to tackle the information leakage problem that is occurring globally, we provide "YubiOn security products" that realize two-step authentication using YubiKey.
Furthermore, with the spread of FIDO certification, we are developing and providing password-free FIDO2 certification products and solutions.

Secure login to your device

Introducing products such as Windows that can enhance the security of terminal login.


Strengthen authentication to websites, etc.

Introducing products that can strengthen authentication such as web services and applications.


If you are looking for an authenticated device

Introducing the security devices we handle.


Terminal login product


A security product that strengthens terminal authentication.

By using two-factor authentication using an authenticator device for terminal login, unauthorized login from a third party is prevented and account data is protected.

There are multiple products for terminal logon. Please select according to your usage pattern.

For small to large scale

Online (cloud) products

A cloud service that allows you to centrally manage terminal logons on a web management site.

It can be used when you want to take security measures for all terminals in your organization.

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For small scale

Offline (standalone) products

It is a stand-alone type product that can be used for security measures immediately after installation.

It can be used when you want to immediately strengthen the security of a small number of terminals or in a closed environment.

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Authentication service


It is a security product that can strengthen the authentication of your services and applications.

By adding the authentication process of the authentication server provided by our company to the authentication process performed by password etc., you can easily take strong security measures.

Introduced strong FIDO2 authentication

This service allows you to use the FIDO2 authentication server, which has high security. Authentication processing that is normally performed with a password, such as customer services and applications, can be converted to FIDO2 authentication without building a separate authentication server.

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Security device


Introducing the security devices we handle.

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