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Blog article

"FIPS" Compatible! For all YubiOn Logon Solutions

May 10, 2023

Dear Members of the Press,

SoftGiken Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Norio Fujita, established in 1983) is pleased to announce that all of our logon security solutions "YubiOn Portal", "YubiOn FIDO Logon" and "YubiOn Windows Logon" will support Windows FIPS mode on May 10, 2023.

FIPS is an abbreviation for "Federal Information Processing Standards" and is a standard for information processing established by the US government. It is used by government agencies, military institutions, financial institutions, medical institutions, and the energy industry that require high security.

Windows FIPS mode is a mode that satisfied strict standards for encryption and security based on the US Federal Information Processing Standards in Windows operation. Any program or system using an approved cryptographic algorithm cannot be used without meeting its stringent requirements.

Windows FIPS mode is commonly used in industries with very strict security requirements, such as government, financial institutions, healthcare, and law firms. By enabling FIPS mode, you can expect to protect your information and improve security.

Each YubiOn solution complies with these stringent security standards and is now available in Windows environments with FIPS mode turned on.

With this update, users of YubiOn solutions will be able to take advantage of secure authentication services even in environments where FIPS mode is turned on. In addition, security administrators can further improve security by enabling FIPS mode, making it possible to use in environments where even higher security is required. In this way, YubiOn's solutions can ensure security even for PCs that leave the company and outside the company and can support the transition from perimeter security to Zero Trust security.

YubiOn Solutions will continue to provide updates to support usages in various environments.

1. FIPS-compliant solutions

1)YubiOn Portal

2)YubiOn FIDO Logon

3)YubiOn Windows Logon Standalone

2. YubiOn solution feature comparison chart

The figure below shows a feature comparison for each YubiOn logon solution.

3. About the service page

Please refer to the following pages:

1)YubiOn Portal:URL:

2)YubiOn FIDO Logon:URL:

3)YubiOn Windows Logon Standalone:URL:


Click here for the press release.


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