YubiOn FIDO2 LogOn

"Yubi On FIDO2 Log On"

-Windows logon service using a FIDO2-certified external authenticator-


Supports FIDO2 of WindowsLogOn deployed by YubiOn solution, and started using it on the prototype version management site.
In order to increase the security level, the cloud-based management site that centrally manages users, PCs, and external authentication devices can be combined with the Windows logon app, and all FIDO2-certified external authentication devices can improve the user experience.

Verification and operation confirmation that the service can be used with a typical FIDO2-certified external authenticator (Yubico YubiKey, Security Key/BioPass FIDO2/GoTrust IdemKey/octatco EzFinger2, etc.).
Users of this service can freely combine and use external authentication devices according to their usage scenarios.

Provided function

1. Cloud-based integrated management

・User management, PC account management, credential management information can be centrally managed

・Administrator can centrally manage the authentication status of PC accounts from a Web browser.  

2. Client windows app

・Windows logon by registration/authentication of FIDO2 external authenticator

・CTAP2 SDK provided  

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