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Yubico Product Introduction

"YubiKey" that realizes the latest two-factor authentication


One security key that supports multiple functions

With a simple touch of YubiKey, you can protect your PC logon, network authentication, and access to online services. It also supports FIDO2, WebAuthn, U2F, smart card (PIV), Yubico OTP, electronic signature, OpenPGP, OATH-TOTP, OATH, HOTP, and challenge response.


Easy operation/installation/operation

  • No driver installation required

  • Easy authentication with one touch

  • Reduction of man-hours required for integration work

Safe with strong security

Yubico OTP

・Generates a character string with the OTP generation algorithm by AES128bit encryption
・Clears the security standard approved by the US Department of Defense!
・Character string generation is completed by the IC inside the USB key, so analysis by disassembly from the outside is impossible.
・Two-factor authentication that combines a one-time password and a fixed password realizes strong security and convenience.


・A strong authentication using public key cryptography has been realized.
・Since there is no secret information on the server, you can rest assured


・Security Key by Yubico supports FIDO2
・Web browser supports FIDO authentication according to W3C Web authentication specifications (WebAuthn)
・Standardize the protocol of the device that operates as a FIDO authenticator by the authentication protocol (CTAP) that supports communication between the client and the external authenticator.

YubiKey 5 series


Multi-protocol security key that provides strong two-factor authentication and seamless touch-to-sign

  • Provides strong authentication with one touch

  • Multi-platform support (Windows, Mac, Linux)

  • Multi-protocol support (FIDO2, U2F, smart card, OTP..)

  • Compatible with Type-A and Type-C

  • Excellent in waterproof and shock resistance

Security Key Series

Security keys combine hardware-based authentication, public key cryptography, U2F and FIDO2 protocols to prevent account takeover.

  • It can be used for various services such as Gmail and Facebook

  • Supports FIDO2, U2F

  • Excellent in waterproof and shock resistance


Available for various services

It can be used for various services such as login to PC such as Windows and Mac, Gmail, GitHub, Dropbox, Dashlane, LastPass, Facebook, Salesforce, Duo, Docker, Centrify.

Introduction of YubiKey compatible products

Active Directory Fully integrated Windows PC authentication strengthening system

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